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Jay Burns

With over twenty years’ experience, Jay is a Technical Client Support Specialist and Certified Trainer for Schroeder Consulting Service. Jay graduated on the Dean’s list from Carnegie-Mellon University with degrees in Industrial Management and Economics. He also graduated from Michigan State University with a Masters in Fine Arts. Jay does primary software installation, application support and training for the clients of Schroeder Consulting Service.  He is certified by Sage on the HRMS products, CRM, and the commercial accounting software products that Schroeder Consulting Service provides to its clients. In addition to software training, support, and implementation services, Jay also provides IT infrastructure and integration support. He has been with the firm since 2010.


Stephen Bloom

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Bill Brummer

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Armond Schroeder

The owner of Schroeder Consulting Service, educated at MIT and Tulane University, began his career at IBM.  Armond taught for the University of Alaska for 12 years, the last 7 of which he was head of the Department of Computer Information Systems. He started providing technology consulting services in Alaska in 1970 and is a certified consultant and developer for nonprofit and commercial software products.


Carlos Machuca

A business analyst and nonprofit specialist for Schroeder Consulting Service, Carlos is a Graduate of the University of Alaska with a Degree in Finance and Economics.  He has multi-national business experience and is bilingual in Spanish and English.  He leads the nonprofit and commercial business development initiative for the firm in: fund raising, grant administration, fund accounting, human resources, CRM, and commercial accounting systems. He first started with Schroeder Consulting Service in 1994 as a technical support specialist. After a hiatus in Chile with a family business, Carlos returned to Schroeder Consulting Service in 2008 in his current role as business analyst.


Lorraine Schroeder

Lorraine has an extensive background in business management and bookkeeping/accounting stemming from her days of managing small credit unions both in New York and Alaska. She has taken many courses and classes in computer technology and applications, accounting, marketing and strategic planning. Lorraine has “hands on” experience with many modules  of Sage 100 ERP and enjoys interacting and working with customers.  

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Brenda Maly

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