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 Nonprofit Solutions offers a complete Human Resource Management solution for  MIP Fund Accounting™, with payroll processing, human resource management, employee web services, and tax preparation. The  MIP Fund Accounting™ HR solution includes a combination of fully integrated modules, compliance updates, and third-party services. These solutions were developed specifically for the unique accounting and reporting challenges faced by nonprofit and government organizations. The modular architecture–unique to  MIP Fund Accounting™–allows total flexibility to select the tools and features you need. The Human Resource Management module integrates HR management and reporting with Payroll and Accounting. Since it is fully integrated using  MIP Fund Accounting™ Payroll tables, you will be able to streamline your payroll process by making changes and updating information all in one place.

HR and EWS (Employee Web Services)

EWS (Employee Web Services)

The Employee Web Services module is a web-based tool that fully integrates with the HR and Payroll systems while leveraging efficiency, security, and data integrity. Employees and managers save time and reduce errors by securely entering, updating, and approving employee timesheets and other records online. It relieves the administrative burden of HR record keeping and document requests.

GL Integration & Reporting

Employee Data

Efficiently track employee records and data: certifications, renewal dates, education, degrees, and several customizable fields to make the product meet all your unique needs. Increase data integrity with single entry source for key personnel information. Audit the trail of employee history.

Benefit Calculation


Schedule HR Actions for future dates. Easily schedule required training or certification updates.

Other Key Functions

Navigation: All HR and Payroll information –including default time sheets– is located in one convenient tabbed screen for easy navigation.

Mass Update Feature: Update all (or any group) of your employees. This feature is fully customizable. For example, apply a pay raise to all of your employees.

Custom Query: Create custom queries of HR or payroll information with exportation into Excel at the click of a button.

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