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Schroeder Consulting Service is a full service management consulting firm addressing needs of commercial, nonprofit, educational and governmental organizations.  For over 45 years, Armond Schroeder, the founder of Schroeder Consulting Service, has helped these organizations boost productivity, lower operating costs, improve service, administer cash-flow, and effectively manage marketing, accounting, human resource, payroll and other business activities. Schroeder Consulting Service objectively analyzes the organization’s operations, then develops and recommends programs and solutions that allow the executives, along with operational and financial staff, to control costs and improve performance.  Schroeder Consulting Service believes that it provides business consulting services of the highest professional standards to commercial, non-profit, educational and governmental organizations.  Through extensive consulting and teaching, we hold certifications in: commercial, nonprofit, governmental accounting, client relationship management (CRM), payroll, human resource, fixed assets and fund raising systems. As such, we are authorized by Sage Software, Inc. to license and implement their commercial accounting, fund accounting, fund raising, fixed assets, human resource and CRM software products, as appropriate, as part of our consulting engagements with our clients. In addition we are certified as a Microsoft Partner.

Schroeder Consulting Service provides practical and relevant management solutions to organizations throughout Alaska and in the Lower 48. With more than four decades of experience we have helped clients solve business and operational problems with customized recommendations and implementations targeted at specific needs.  Schroeder Consulting Service provides consultation in the areas of:   

Our unique process allows business leaders to understand the importance of making changes and the success that follows.  Schroeder Consulting Service begins with a complete survey of the client’s organization. The results of the survey are confirmed with the client’s management.  This process is termed the “Diagnostic for Success” and is designed to provide our clients with a comprehensive and precise picture of what is currently happening in their organizations.  The results of the survey are then analyzed, and if the conclusion is drawn that conditions warrant a serious look at taking action to improve the organization’s efficiency and performance, recommendations are developed to provide the solutions.  The results of the diagnostic, analysis, and recommendations are then put in a consultant’s report and formally presented to management. This report is termed the “Report for Success”.  This process is provided free of all fees or charges, and there is no obligation to implement these recommendations with Schroeder Consulting Service.  If the client decides to proceed with implementation of the changes suggested, then Schroeder Consulting Service stands ready to assist, according to the terms of a written proposal and engagement letter.  

Schroeder Consulting Service then analyzes the “Diagnostic for Success” to pinpoint areas within the organization that function less effectively than they could as compared to the potential of the organization, and  as compared with successful organizations of a similar nature.  We also examine the issues associated with mission, audit, compliancy, asset protection, and transparency. During the analysis, ideas and strategies are developed to address the specific needs of the organization.  The result of the analysis and study is called the “Report for Success”, which is broken down into three sections:

The first section is an organized, complete and concise picture of how the organization is operating now.  This section is discussed with the client to verify the accuracy of the description of the current operation, including the time and cost data regarding the tasks that are being accomplished today and in the foreseeable future. Having complete, precise, and consensual data in the first section is crucial to the accuracy of the following stages.

Following the section one review of current operations with the client, the second section is prepared.  The second section contains a description of all the problems and areas for improvement along with recommendations for their correction. A description of the organization with the recommendations in place is presented, including the estimated time and costs to perform operational tasks.  An assessment is made of the consequences and opportunities resulting from changing the organization to incorporate our recommendations.   

The third section is comprised of a comprehensive action plan for transforming the client’s organization from the way it is operating now outlined in section one to the recommended operation in section two.  This plan includes the steps of implementation and associated costs.  A financial analysis is made and the return on investment (ROI) is calculated.

Who We Are What We Do

Under a confidentiality agreement that respects and protects the clients' affairs under all circumstances, our business analysts begin with a comprehensive collection of facts, figures and needs concerning the client’s organization called the “Diagnostic for Success”. This extensive, fast, accurate and detailed diagnostic routine answers the following four basic questions: 1) How is the organization operating now? 2) How much does it cost to operate that way? 3) What are the bottlenecks in the operation? 4) What are the audit and compliance requirements? No assumptions are made during the diagnostic.  We dig deep into the client’s processes, reviewing the history, organization, control, policies, procedures, performance and more. All results are based on the facts, figures and needs supplied by the client. As the first step for every client, our survey not only confirms that the client‘s organization has areas that will benefit from our business consulting services, but it also outlines all potential problem areas.

Step One: Diagnostic Step Two: Analysis

The “Concept Demo” is formally presented to the appropriate decision maker(s) in the client’s organization. At that point, all problems and the recommendations for their correction are discussed, allowing prospective clients to make an informed decision whether or not to employ our consultant services.  We believe that our professional services must be extended to clients only on the basis of a clear understanding of what we are to do, the conditions under which the work will be done, what it will cost, and the benefits the client can expect to receive. When the “Report for Success” is presented, the client is in possession of a factual and comprehensive consulting report on the status of the organization with recommendations for improvement.  As mentioned above, the only cost associated with obtaining this report is time on the part of the client to participate in the process.

Step Three: Concept Demo

Should the client choose to continue with Schroeder Consulting Service following the “Report for Success”, and engage our consulting services, a detailed proposal is presented to the client describing the products and services we offer to assist in the upgrading process.  The costs and fees are included in the proposal.  If the proposal is accepted, then an “Engagement Letter” is negotiated between the client and Schroeder Consulting Service specifying the scope of the engagement, the responsibilities of both parties and the financial arrangements. Under the terms of the engagement, the Schroeder Consulting Service implementation and training staff will assist the client’s organization in developing and applying in-depth, working solutions, and will stay through the process until those solutions are in place.  A Project Manager works with the client to implement effective solutions to each individual problem.  The Project Manager, in consultation with the client, will delineated the plan of action and direct open communication between the client and the staff at Schroeder Consulting Service. Every step of your customized program will be documented, and the client’s personnel will be advised and trained by our certified staff.  The end result is a practical, working and mission critical operational plan installed and implemented for the client’s specific benefit.

Step Four: Proposal

Ongoing client care is one of the benefits every organization receives with an installed management consulting project from Schroeder Consulting Service.  Our client care, known as “Service for Success” provides clients with continues consulting support by providing access to support specialists, online assistance, onsite support and problem solving. “Service for Success” provides toll-free telephone support on a 24/7 basis.

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